A Bit About Me

Iwas hooked the first time I used a camera. While I wanted to be a reporter, when my high school art teacher in St.Louis showed me the magic of creating an image on film, visual communication became part of my life.

My goal has always been to share events and the world around us with others. Selling my first photo to a daily newspaper at 16 started a nearly 50 year career as both a journalist and a visual communicator. After leaving daily newspapers, my focus has been on events, business portraits and video work. I added commercial drone operations in 2016 and livestream operations in early 2020.

It’s an eclectic group of services, but I find it satisfying and enjoy working with all of my clients, whether it is a family, a university department, or a commercial firm. But importantly, as I tell my associates, our motto is to make sure we are having fun.

Darrell Hoemann